Land Holders’ Association

The central committee of the Land Holders’ Association opines that, immediately after the adaptation of the Indian Constitution on 29th November, 1949, the progressive acts which were in existence and which were supposed to be passed at that time were kept outside the purview of the judicial review through the first amendment of the Constitution by convincing the members of the legislature with wrong message. At the same time from the third chapter of the Constitution Article 31 that says about Right to Property was deleted and in that place Article 31A and 31B were inserted. The Ninth Schedule of the Constitution was also inserted in the Constitution containing 11 Acts passed by the different state legislature and were given protection from judicial review, thereby creating the path of bureaucratic rule. Later insertion of 284 Acts in the Ninth Schedule and the deletion of Article 31 from the Constitution posed a serious threat to the Indian democracy. Since the first amendment of the Constitution dated 10.5.1950, till now 110 amendments of the Constitution has been made to bring about apparent changes in the system. But the Constitution has not lost its sanctity. The judiciary also, is determined to maintain the spirit of democratic character of the country. The Land Holders’ Association believes that the agrarian economy faced threat because of the deletion of the Article 31 from the Constitution, along with that the traditional culture; which we call our heritage. The Election Manifestos of different political parties in India does not include the re-insertion of Article 31, i.e. Right to Property in the Constitution, although the deletion of Article 31 led to the impairment of the country.

The Land Holders’ Association appeals to all citizens, associated with agriculture, to think about these facts before taking part in the process of election to the legislature. At the same time it invites such citizens to extend support to the judiciary that upholds the spirit of democracy and takes steps for upkeep of democracy by maintaining and protecting the Constitution in letter and spirit. The central Committee was sited at the conference room of The itihasparikrama a history research centre at Berhampore Murshidabad. Mahamad Mahamud the vice president of the association presided over the meeting.

For the Central Committee of the Land Holders’ Association- Mr. Syamal Das Advocae ( Berhampore), Iqbal Rasid and Rownuqujjaman (Beldanga), Tapash Konar and Gour Mohan Konar of Bardhaman, Mr. Dilip Roy of Nadia were present the meeting.